Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Shift Happens Risk Mitigation Template


  • 2

    9am Welcome By Ami Rabheru - The Retail Business Hub

    • Welcome to the Shift Happens Retail Summit By Ami Rabheru

  • 3

    10am 'Leading Difficult Conversations' By Laura Harrison

    • Laura Harrison from LH Individual and Business Development

    • 'Leading Difficult Conversations' with Laura Harrison

  • 4

    11am 'Creating Content When Unexpected Events Happen' By Erin Spurling

    • Erin Spurling Content Marketing for Creatives

    • 'Creating content when unexpected events happen' with Erin Spurling

  • 5

    1pm 'Why you Need PR Right Now' By Caroline Joynson

    • Caroline Joynson - Cheerleader PR

    • 'Why you need PR right now' with Caroline Joynson

  • 6

    2pm 'How Social Media has Changed Since Covid-19' By Dawni Baxter

    • Dawni Baxter - Beyond the Dawn

    • 'How social media has changed since Covid-19 and how to best use it in the current climate' with Daw

  • 7

    3pm 'Closed Mouths Don't Get Fed' By Dani Wallace

    • Dani Wallace - I Am The Queen Bee

    • 'Closed Mouths Don't Get Fed' with Dani Wallace

  • 8

    4pm 'Sourcing: How to De-Risk Amidst the Chaos' By Heather Williams

    • Heather Williams - Sourcing Playground

    • 'Sourcing_ How to De risk Amidst the Chaos' with Heather Williams

  • 9

    5pm 'Creating a Financial Safety Plan' By Claire Sweet

    • Claire Sweet - Peace together Money Coaching

    • 'Creating a financial safety plan' with Claire Sweet

  • 10

    6pm 'Furlough and Beyond: Maximising your Retail HR Strategy' By Rebecca Day

    • Rebecca Day - Day HR Consultants

    • Furlough and Beyond: Maximising Your Retail HR Strategy

  • 11

    7pm 'Creating on Brand Photography that Sells' By Amanda Hutchinson

    • Amanda Hutchinson - AKP Branding Stories

    • 'Creating on brand photography that sells' with Amanda Hutchinson